In Oregon a precise mathematical formula has been created to calculate child support. The amount of child support is primarily based on the number of nonjoint children each party has, each party’s income, parenting time, and child-related costs such as health insurance and daycare.  Each party’s income for child support purposes will be his or her actual income or earning capacity, whichever is greater. Generally each party is presumed to be capable of earning at least full-time minimum wage income,  possibly more based on work history, education and experience.

The calculator is available online at and detailed instructions are provided. Parties may agree to modify the guideline amount by 15% in either direction. A judgment must also address who will provide medical insurance, and whether one or both parents will be required to provide life insurance to ensure the child’s financial security in the event of one or both parents’ unexpected death.

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NOTICE: The above summary is meant for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal advice. It is meant merely as a broad overview of the rules applicable to the majority of cases, and does not diminish the need to consult with a professional regarding your specific circumstances.