In Oregon, three kinds of spousal support may be ordered: maintenance, compensatory and transitional. Each kind of support is meant for a specific situation, but more than one kind of support may be ordered under some circumstances. A description of the factors considered by the court in determining each type of spousal support award can be found in ORS 107.105(1)(d). Unlike child support, a precise formula is not available. Spousal support is awarded based on a comprehensive assessment of each party’s circumstances, and each judge and attorney may feel somewhat differently about what amount is appropriate in a given case. The burden of proof is on the party requesting support to prove the support award is appropriate.

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NOTICE: The above summary is meant for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal advice. It is meant merely as a broad overview of the rules applicable to the majority of cases, and does not diminish the need to consult with a professional regarding your specific circumstances.